Yachtlife Has Now Gone Digital

Loosely based on the model of Uber, on-demand Yachtlife yacht charter in the Hamptons includes a few practical perks.

Based lightly on the rideshare-app model of Uber, Yachtlife the digital yacht charter service recently expanded into the most popular luxury destination in the New York. Yachtlife will kick-off its service with 13 yachts that are available in the Hamptons. The yacht range starts from a VanDutch of 40-foot to a stately Hatteras 100-foot, which is scattered between the Montauk Yacht Club and Sag Harbor. With this initiative, the Yachtlife is trying to make the weekends on a boat more fun and easier.

As far as the convenience factor is concerned, then the brand is amplifying its convenience factor adding more facilities. To give that facility, the brand has joined hands with Flightserve to offer private seaplane and helicopter to connect the New York directly to the charter. The visitors of Manhattan can easily make their way to the terminals of a seaplane or helicopter on the island west side.

With the introduction of the app-based services like JetSmarter and Uber, it is surprising to see that the Yachtlife has seen good growth in its first two years of its evolution. Presently, it has covered over a dozen markets from Vancouver, in Greece, South of France, and Canada. The co founders Yachtlife, Patrick Curley and Nick Cardoza saw a good opportunity to modernize the industry that has become an old and traditional.

Patrick said, “The business of yacht-charter is still a traditional brick-and-mortar and a high profile business. In this business lots of things are done based on relationships, however, it is not an industry which moves slow. Now, people have accepted the digital world instantaneous turnaround and we have streamlined the whole charter process. With few taps paperwork is signed off digitally”.

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