Round The Island Race

Round the Island Race is one of the largest single day mass participation sports, sailing events that occur in the UK. This year’s latest race, as every year, was a race of 50 nautical miles that was set to start and finish at Cowes.

There were several vessels competing in this year’s race that included professionals, families and amateurs as well. There was an unexpected record finish done by Concise 10 who not only reached the finishing line in 2 hours 22 minutes 23 seconds but also broke the existing record of Phaedo 3. This was an achievement, especially as there were about 1342 boats of different categories that competed in this race.

The wind conditions were not very favorable – it wasn’t exactly a Greek yacht charter – but Concise 10 was able to make the most of prevailing overcast and light wind conditions, interrupted by rain as well. The race was a 50 nautical mile race where the skipper and crew of Concise 10 stole the limelight. The winning team stated that they were ecstatic about having broken the record. They had been trying it so far for three years and this time they were able to manage much before the forecast. They admitted that the race got tense in the last thirty minutes but the end was a good feeling.

JP Morgan Asset Management has been the event sponsor for about 13 years. The New Zealand winery, Cloudy Bay has now replaced the same. The race charity is managed by Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. This charity organization helped four boats to take part in the sailing event which was manned by 22 people recovering from ailments. This course helps to build confidence in young people in the art of sailing. This key sailing event in the UK came to a close this year and most competitors will look forward to participating in the upcoming event next year.

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